Monday, 15 June 2009

SOTD 4: Jeniferever - Green Meadow Island (2009)

Choose A Bright Morning is fast becoming one of my favourite albums from the post-rock tree and, on first inspection, Jeniferever seem to have made another fantastic record in Spring Tides. Today's SOTD of the day comes from the Swede's new record and is titled "Green Meadow Island".

The track begins with a familiar groove, slow and innocent with the lyrics immediate in their delivery.

"We were princes
For a little while"

Jeniferever are not scared to hold and build on a riff and thus, the initial groove of drums & bass, subtle electric guitar and piano is heavily repeated over the first 2 minutes with only very short breaks for a soaring chorus. Strings are gently introduced before the band flips the track on it's head with a roaring off key middle 8. The heaviness and direction of that section seems like new territory for the band and it is something refreshing for a group that could be sometimes accused of being a one-trick pony. Also, the guitarist, Martin Sandström, totally shreds and his off kilter solo is a much appreciated addition.

So, this track really is a great one to show you some off the possible sides to Jeniferever's music and something different within the post-rock genre.

Jeniferever - Green Meadow Island

Check out more here and you can get the full record on Monotreme Records.


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