Sunday, 22 February 2009

All Change: Sweden

Hi! As of August time I will hopefully be studying for a year in Lund, Sweden! A massive change for me, made especially different as I will be learning the language from scratch. Luckily I am English (or maybe not so) and they teach in my mother tongue, aswell as having the fact that most other students will be close to fluent. I can maintain the stereotype of lazy english students who put no effort into foreign languages. Hooray for us! But anyway in my excitement, I thought I'd have an e-celebration of this event by blogging a few cool songs by Swedes.

Wildbirds & Peacebirds - Doubt/Hope

Jose Gonzalez - Heartbeats

I am aware this is a very popular song already, but it doesn't stop this video and performance being breathtaking! So yeah, I like music from adverts.

Loney, Dear - I Fought the Battle of Trinidad & Tobago

Here I have quite obviously endulged in a emotional 'Lost In Translation' style video, but y'know, I can assure you I don't cry myself to sleep every night.

The Tallest Man On Earth - Where do my Bluebirds Fly

Check out the sunset shots in this video, well arty...and quite nice.

The Knife - Silent Shout

Hope you enjoy these videos and you can expect more posts very soon. I have alot of catching up to do. *sigh*

(p.s. If anyone wants any mp3's to try, just add a comment and I'll link to them in the comments)