Wednesday, 14 May 2008

In My Earz

So, I've been thinking about posting a little more regularly and letting people know more about what music has kept me ticking over the past few days. No better way to do this than with a little run down of my recent listening while revising;

The Decemberists - EVERYTHING! Including YouTube vids!

Lightspeed Champion - Falling Off The Lavender Bridge (esp. Dry Lips)

Fugazi - Live in Irving Plaza

Sunny Day Real Estate - LP2 (both courtesy of Zen and the art...)

Smashing Pumpkins - Bodies!!

The guitar riff is so good with that constant rythmn, took my ever wise Dad to point it out but now I'm hooked!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Live at Leeds '08

Live at Leeds is a live music event which spans all of the cities independent venues, showcasing a huge range of Yorkshire's new talent, along with a few special guests.

This year, due to perfect weather, great company and constant supply of a certain chilled beverage I probably didn't get to see as many acts as I should but despite this my first experience of the event was a brilliant one. Here is my rundown of my top 3 of the day, in no particular order;

Vessels are a progressive rock/metal band who use unique time signatures and highly technical guitar playing to create frantic, but often beautiful songs which bridge the gap between a both the indie-rock and metal crowd's. Taking to the stage at around half 2 at Leeds Cockpit, the band found themselves a large audience in the main room and immediately launched into a heavy riff, captivating most of the crowd. Central to their stage presence is gifted, and charismatic bassist Martin Teff but the whole band worked hard to present a decent show. Definitely one for listeners with the time.

For fans of: Tool & Explosions in the Sky

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Mi Mye are a rousing folk band from around Wakefield, England who took to the Cockpit's smaller stage at around half 5. Charming lyrics and driving rhythm's ticked boxes for most of the tightly packed crowd and these local favorites had many of their friends singing a long, bringing a warm communal atmosphere to the gig. This is definitely a fun band to check out, if only for the amazing double bass that has been lovingly restored.

For fans of: Architecture in Helsinki & Twee!


Flowe were first on at the Faversham and despite playing to only a few "early risers" their brand of "folk n roll" immediately set a standard few matched for the rest of the day. With cheeky smiles, quaffed hair and a firm stance against electro, the boys definitely had the style, but they had the substance too with catchy dual vocals backed up by a tight, but creative rhythm section. One's for the future!

For fans of: The Good Life & Bright Eyes


Friday, 2 May 2008

Ape Dos Mil

I cannot get this song out my head! Still listening to so much Glassjaw a fortnight after rediscovering them. Check out this video,