Saturday, 13 June 2009

SOTD 2: Fugazi - Latin Roots (1991)

"It's time to meet your makers"

This song features one of, in my opinion, Fugazi's most furious grooves. The last minute kicks off with some deep rumbling bass, those tribal tom rolls that Canty had DOWN, and it sets the scene for the song to explode. Guitars screech, wail and riff, all in accompaniment to the aforementioned lyric. It must be added, that it does sound a lot like "it's time to meet Jamaicans"! I could go on about lyrics, but it's not the reason I usually fall in love with Fugazi songs. So, draw your own conclusions and enjoy. I have a feeling this wont be the first song I blog about from the D.C. legends.

Fugazi - Latin Roots


mattbayly said...

yes yes yes yes yes yes...dont go 2 sweden...

Brendan Sparrow said...

duuuuude ya. these are rockin mang