Monday, 30 July 2007

Sleater Kinney - The Woods (2005)

Picked up towards the back end of last year this was quite a random purchase for me as I dont own any other of the bands work and for a while I struggled with this one. Finally it clicked and from there on its been a happy relationship as I've realised this quirky, clever brand of rock 'n' roll is pretty hard not to enjoy. Duelling guitars and vocals pass through soft and heavy passages as songs go from one part to another in an instance. I especially dig the drumming in this one as it just seems so bouncy and a little loose, but in a good way as this fits well with the bands overall sound. Brownstein's vocals can be slightly harsh, but the whole record is bathed in a thick layer of fuzz so it is to be expected and once again, just another piece in the jigsaw.
This is a really fun record with a lot of depth to it and well worth a try for you passers by. Must be noted that this is definitely louder than your average LP, just in case you were unsure of how hard hard these girls rock!


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