Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Frank Turner - Sleep Is For The Week (2007)

Semi-Acoustic Folk/Punk from this ex-member of UK hardcore outfit Million Dead. This was one of my slightly more random finds of the year so far and definitely one of the most refreshing. Frank Turner has a way with words and his lyrics, not only hit home in ways we can all to relate to but they also make you laugh;

"I've got friends who are bankers, and it's an easy rhyme to call them wankers"

He comments on all aspects of life, from his teens becoming a young punk to his current surroundings and balancing anarchy with his responsibilities. In all, this makes for an interesting combination and one that makes this such a facsinating listen. "Vital Signs" does stand out from the rest as a real anthem, but the whole album is solid. Variations in style, melody and pace mean that songs are easy to define and remember, unlike some in this genre. Finally, in the songs with a full band, the arrangements are fuller than you perhaps would expect and this benefits the album alot, making individual songs more memorable. Definately check this one out if you are looking for a different angle on the songwriter genre, its been one of my faves of 2007.


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