Friday, 20 July 2007

Lucero - Rebels, Rogues and Sworn Brothers (2006)

I thought i'd check out this band because i've heard them linked with the Hold Steady a couple times and while it may not be quite as good, i'm still pleased I did. A definate grower, this album has charm in bundles and is a classic example of the Southern Rock sound. Whisky-soaked vocals deliver great tales and these are supported by a tight and confident band. Keys thicken out the album and the variation between songs is alot more apparent after a couple of listens. At first the songs can sound a little similar but they quickly become more defined and I think there is something here for any rock/indie fan. I'll probably like this one even more in time.



Anonymous said...

Check out their earlier stuff. It's a little bit more country (the good kind) and without the keys. Absolutely amazing, and a great live band. Do yourself a favor and buy a bottle of Jack and check out Tennessee. Hell, any other one of their albums makes this one pale in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Here, I found Nobody's Darlings:

Listen to Bikeriders and tell me this band doesn't kick ass.

Josh Brown said...

cheers mate, leave a name next time and i'll know where to reply to! If it involves some jack i'm up for it though :p