Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Two Gallants @ Cockpit – November 7th

The general idea of a support band is to warm up the crowd and the magnificent Blitzen Trapper had their Cockpit crowd positively toasty after a rousing set which saw their breed of southern rock take many twists including the odd bout of psychedelia.
The main event was San Francisco’s Two Gallants who, as guitarist/vocalist Adam Stephens was keen to point out, carry a very loyal and enthusiastic fan base, evident on this evening especially as 2G’s appearance on stage to help set-up brought early cheers from all corners.
When they appeared for real, anticipation was soon turned to pleasure for the crowd as the band launched into a fierce and rousing performance of ‘Two Days Short Tomorrow’. Two Gallants create an immense sound to experience live, the mixture of unique finger picked guitar and frenetic drums creating a truly full sound. Showing their talents across loud and softer efforts from all three albums the band never ceased to impress and show commitment to the cause. The set ended with ‘Las Cruces Jail’, a crowd favourite, which gave us all plenty of chance to sing (or shout!) along.
However, this wasn’t all as there was a special surprise waiting for drummer, Tyson Vogel, as Blitzen Trapper and his band mate invited the crowd to surprise him with a Birthday sing-a-long and afterwards to finish once again with a final song, the euphoric, ‘Nothing To You’. A brilliant ending to the gig, and one, which seemed to leave all parties smiling.

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