Sunday, 28 October 2007

Ryan Adams - Demolition (2002)

Got my tickets for Ryan Adams back in Nottingham the other day so I've been listening to him a lot again. As a consequence I thought why not up an album, 2002's Demolition which is mainly made up of B-sides and songs which didn't make the cut for the first two-albums, but surprisingly (or unsurprisingly) the record is full of gems, highlighting why this period of Adam's career is regarded as his finest.
Beginning with clean-cut "Nuclear" Adams shows us a different style of song, not present on Heartbreaker or Gold which he revisits a couple more times to great effect. Between these simple rockers' are a varied bunch of brooding country classic and beautiful ballads which showcase Adams ear for melody. Possibly the highlights are the male-female vocals on "Tomorrow" and the plodding street-corner rock 'n' roll on "Tennessee Sucks". The latter in particular shows how well Adams can compose a song, and really bring the most out of each individual instrument.
So, if you're a fan of Adams early work, give this a try as it really is just another very good album, and not a random collection of outtakes!



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Anonymous said...

Thanks, I heard 'Desire' tonight in an episode of House M.D. and really love this song