Thursday, 20 September 2007

Mates Of State - Team Boo (2003)

Bearing similarities to Brendan Benson and many others this Husband-Wife duo produce a really full sound and all round interesting record, bursting with kitsch, fun tunes. With too much focus often being placed on their relationship status, I can't help but feel Mates Of State are a band being overlooked by many people who potentially, would love their work.
I haven't always been a fan of organ/keyboard sounds like the ones used but MOS seem to make it work and with clever melodies, make the sound very much their own signature. The use of the boy/girl vocal harmonies adds a classic touch which many are a sucker for while quirky structure keep the songs unique and make the album work very well in its entirety. This is real sugary sweet but sometimes, we all need a little sugar.


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